Aburden Say An Emotional Farewell

Written by Nicole Roberts

It's a bittersweet time in the Aburden camp. While the group have announced a brand new single, they're also saying farewell to drummer Kylan Ridings and taking a short hiatus to concentrate on their own mental health.

In an emotional message to fans and supporters, Aburden have written:

"It is very hard to be an aspiring musician, as many aspiring musicians know. Being in a group of aspiring musicians can make it harder; we all want something and we are all chasing something. It is sometimes hard to see the collective as individual people; we find it hard ourselves. We are all very different, and we all have our own struggles. Over the years we have pushed them aside but there is no way to put life on pause. We found our individual struggles bleeding into our band, and once we were able to look inwards; we saw that the path we were all going down wasn’t helping us at all. We felt that if we kept going to way we were going, were would really rupture our friendships with each other in ways that would only hurt one another. We came to the conclusion that we weren’t dealing with things that needed desperately to be addressed because we were so scared of putting life on hold, and what that would mean for the band; but the reality is the only way we feel we can move forward is to stop and take a long needed breath. We hope that the time away will help us recover but we can’t put a timeframe on it, we hope people will understand. We may not be here, but we’ll away be there to help to anyone that needs us. We love our fans, we love our family, and we love what we have built."

Speaking on his departure, Kylan states "after playing in Aburden for the last 3-4 years it’s been a tough decision to decide on my future with them. Due to various reasons involving my career, life style choices and overall feeling of the band, I’ll be stepping down from my position within the band. There is no bad blood, I just simply have felt my time in the band is up. It’s a difficult task managing my personal, social and professional life. Something I’ve struggled with in the last year since taking on other projects and really focusing on myself, so that I am able to grow and progress how I wish. Saying that this will be my last release with the band and I wish the boys the best of luck and hope to see them succeed and keep moving forward"

Their new single, 'Farewell', is the perfect way to say goodbye (for now) to their fans. "'Farewell' is our farewell, for now. It’s not something that we wanted to say but it’s something we have to in order to move forward. Going around in circles can only lead to a life of never being able to break the cycle. We wrote this song in a time were we didn’t know how we wanted to do, we were struggling with writer's block after ‘The Last Goodbye’. We didn’t know what sound we wanted to pursue, we didn’t know what we wanted to write about. I think we scrapped around 5 to 10 demos before we stopped and realised what we wanted to do. This song is more aggressive than our previous songs, it probably has a lot in common with ‘One For You, it’s very fast and acidic. We were so caught up in what we thought people wanted that we couldn’t figure out what WE wanted. I think the best way to describe this song in one word would be ‘Frustration’. Frustration with expectation, frustration with unbreakable cycles, and frustration with something our minds can comprehend."

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