Album Review: AVERSIONS CROWN - Hell Will Come For Us All

Artist: Aversions Crown

Album: Hell Will Come For Us All

Genre: Extreme Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Many bands who came up in the deathcore scene have taken an evolutionary leap towards a more refined and structured sound without compromising their brutality and extreme depth. Aversions Crown are indeed one of those bands who have recently started to shift toward a more mature direction, with a focus on creating a stellar and captivating album that still features high levels of intensity.

One word that springs to mind when trying to summarise 'Hell Will Come For Us All' is: complete. Every component that Aversions Crown utilise on their fourth studio album is executed with sheer precision and intent, leaving the final package that much more enjoyable. The band have somehow managed to ramp up the heaviness on this release, with chunky and full guitar tones accompanied by earth-shattering drumming, which I would also accredit producer Will Putney for creating such a clean and crushing mix. Putney knows exactly how to make every basic element of core music sound unapologetically incredible and this is further proof, adding to his masterful resume of albums he's worked on.

Breakdowns can become massively redundant with this particular style of extreme music, but the band perfectly places them throughout this album, demonstrating their impeccable songwriting talent and growth as musicians. They aren’t just thrown in for the hell of it, but instead they are accompanied by great lyrics and emotional deliveries that justify the angry nature of a super heavy breakdown. "Born In The Gutter" is a perfect example if you're looking for a reference. Listen below.

Carrying an augmented aggression throughout all nine songs, a fresh vocal style vibrates fiercely across the entire album, the bone crushing vocals performed by new vocalist Tyler Miller of Knoxville Tennessee. While catchy and aggressive, Miller brings a much more relatable element to the band through the use of clear pronunciation and lyric placement, and while equally interested in science fiction, expands the scope of the band to now tackle real-world current events with feverish animosity. Miller has brought a dynamic to this band that will surely further their career and also help immensely with their evolution of sound.

The odds have always been stacked against Aversions Crown, and I say this with the nicest intentions. This band has really stood the test of time, whether it’s going through lineup changes or logistically trying to just exist as a touring band. Every acclaim they've achieved so far is extremely well deserved and I think there’s a lot of respect and admiration for this hard-working extreme metal outfit.

Overall, I think this is a major achievement for Aversions Crown and could very well go down as their best and most successful release yet. The melodies, choruses, and atmospheric leads pull you in and quickly pummel you with crushing blast beats and maddening guitar work. Their sound has grown and matured which has lead to them releasing their most focused album to date. Go and listen to this now!

Hell Will Come For Us All is available now via Nuclear Blast.

Purchase or stream your copy here:

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