Album Review: BLEED FROM WITHIN - Fracture

Artist: Bleed From Within

Album: Fracture

Genre: Metalcore

Review by Anthony Melbourne

Scotland's Bleed From Within up the ante with the release of their fifth record, ‘Fracture’ - Without exactly reinventing the wheel when it comes to a modern take of extreme metal, but they do take massive step forward creatively by effortlessly transitioning from Technical and Melodic Death to Groove Metal to classic Metalcore without it sounding contrived or forced.

The first single and first track on ‘Fracture’, 'THE END OF ALL WE KNOW' wastes no time with long, drawn out cinematic intros, and jumps straight into a ripping Melo Death riff that wouldn't feel out of place on an early Soilwork or In Flames records, before slowing to a mid-paced groove then taking a hard right turn with a breakdown that could only be described as the best homage to Decapitated's 'Sphere of Madness' I've ever heard - the chorus on the other hand is anthemic and catchy as hell, taking me back to the mid 2000's Metalcore with an impassioned vocal delivery and uplifting subject matter really make this song a stand out.

The Melodic Death and Thrash influences are worn proudly on their sleeves with tracks like 'PATHFINDER' & 'FALL AWAY' - Frenetic fretboard acrobatics, solid grooves and Scott Kennedy's vocals shifting from the mid-low growls to an almost Southern metal vibe with a healthy dose of Slayer-isms to keep you moving or headbanging or arms crossed, standing at the back of the room, nodding occasionally or whatever you do to enjoy your metal - with more sing along chorus' to keep the crowd chanting and filthy breakdowns to keep the pit monsters sweating.

'INTO NOTHING' gives the listener a slight reprieve from the breakneck speeds with a mid-paced groove driven track and second single, the catchy, rhythmic breakdown towards the end of this song really gets me going (I get an awesome 'One Kill Wonder' era 'The Haunted' vibe here). The title track 'FRACTURE', begins on a somber note with haunting spoken words and a powerful chord driven chorus that was made for epic crowd sing a longs, with great lyrics to boot, before launching into a seizure inducing riff section, that wouldn’t feel out of place on an Architects record, but BFW make it squarely their own.

The third single, 'NIGHT CROSSING', opens up with a melodic lead with a meaty bass tone that builds into a heavy chorus (I get hints of early Killswitch & As I Lay Dying here) before sidestepping into a calming acoustic guitar section with a guest spot from Trivium frontman Matt Heafy, who rips a typically epic solo, finishing with a crushing breakdown.

'FOR ALL TO SEE' is another mid-paced offering that hits hard but ultimately falls a tad short, losing a bit of momentum and seems to serve as more of a prelude to, ‘ASCEND', which brings back the intensity and sense of urgency in not only music but also in the vocals and lyrics that hit hard like - "I watch the sun drain through the cracks in the sky. I'll let you burn for all our hope was denied. Watch as the sun drains through the cracks in the sky. Return to bone, ascend into the night", with catchy as fuck riffs, bouncy mosh parts and sing along chorus' a plenty, this will sure to be a crowd pleaser.

‘UTOPIA’ and closing track ‘A DEPTH THAT NO ONE DARES’ chugs and shreds, stacked with more groove infected melodic riffs and the occasional dip into dissonant black metal tremolo picking and blast beats with chest thumping breakdowns.

Although the album does follow the familiar structure of verse-chorus-breakdown-verse-chorus at times - but they do so sparingly and tastefully while also leaning into their strengths in writing dynamic songs with catchy riffs, that hearken back to the glory days of Swedish death influenced Metalcore with uplifting lyrics and plenty of mosh worthy moments to keep the crowd happy.

For fans of: Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, The Haunted & Parkway Drive.

FRACTURE is out now via Century Media Records.

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