Album Review: BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS - Nightmare Withdrawals

Artist: Blindfolded and Led to the Woods

Album: Nightmare Withdrawals

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

There are some bands that capture your attention before even hearing what they sound like, whether it's a name, an album title or even the artwork. New Zealand death metal outfit care indeed one of those examples. What I was expecting could only be described as perhaps some sort of chaotic blend of death metal and grind, but I ended up getting much more.

Nightmare Withdrawals sees BALTTW taking their already unstoppable craft to the next level of technical decimation. BALTTW unleash a technical death metal assault with dissonant riffs, furious drumming, and chaotic vocals that change throughout the album to fit the range of sounds. There's definitely a lot of influences that you can hear when listening to BALTTW, but it's their exceptional attention to detail that sets them apart and truly makes them special.

The first track “The Inevitable End of the Universe” blew me away upon the first listen and really set the bar high when it comes to the rest of the album. It's vicious approach and pummeling delivery makes for a perfect opener. “Black Air” is another brutal offering with a full on riff attack, which also creates a very memorable sound through the use of dynamics and space. They continue to deliver slabs of technically proficient death metal that could compete with the legends and veterans of the genre, whilst also creating their own atmospheric scope that almost softens the blow a little, but not for long.

Some people may find Nightmare Withdrawals a dizzying and sometimes uncomfortable experience, but it’s also contrastingly calm, contemplative and experimental. With so much incredible music being released this year, it's so easy to hear an album and then forget about it soon after, but BALTTW more than hold their own here and make me want to listen to this album repeatedly. Don't try and compare these guys to the ones that came before them or even to other bands around today, because BALTTW are creating their own path and I am ready to follow it and see where it ends up. Strap yourself in for a bludgeoning, unique and engaging experience.

8.5 out of 10

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