Album Review: Dealer - Saint (EP)

Artist: Dealer

Album: Saint (EP)

Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore

Review by Tay Lack

A shock to the scene – the EP we didn’t know we needed so bad. Dealer are back and they’re bringing it fierce with some brand new material – thus introducing us to 'Saint'. Compiled of four brand new tracks, all keeping the true Dealer spirit alive with their unique twist on heavy. Beautifully mixed and presented with poise – the boys dropped this out of utter surprise. After further review of the tracks on this mix, I can honestly say it’s the best music Dealer has put out since “Grotesque” but again, just my opinion. The outfit has been consistent in shows and are absolutely killing it thus far. With the band currently touring the States, it’s safe to say Australia is more than keen for Dealer to bring it home and showcase 'Saint' in all its glory.

The first song on the EP titled “Tourniquet” almost seems as a ‘part-two’ to their hit single “Grotesque”. Featuring the uniquely sounding distorted guitar and riffs heavier than before. If this song isn’t getting you up two-stepping, you’re mad – two minutes in hits us with some heavy chugs, followed by one of the greatest breakdowns I have ever layed ears upon. Proudly bringing back the “bass line breakdown” this song definitely has to be one of my favourites on the EP.

“Blade in a Bullet Wound” starts of as a smooth transition from the last. Again, it wouldn’t be Dealer without the unique sound through sheer talent and immaculate mixing. This one gets a little faster in the middle, but then also has some of the slowest, filthiest breakdowns featured. “Blade in a Bullet Wound” is a perfect display of what direction Dealer is taking. I was almost worried for a second that we wouldn’t be hit with a signature bark, but I thought too soon. Throw it back to about two minutes into the song – if you like slow, heavy, spine tingling breakdowns – save this song just for that because it’s absolutely glorious.

Second last track on the EP showcases “Violent Stimuli”. What I picked up from this track entirely is that despite the whole EP being consistent to the true Dealer sound, EVERY song sounds strangely unique. Like you can differentiate what you are listening to despite it being so uniform. It’s entirely satisfying, and this track again is a little faster (a two steppers dream) with a more technical breakdown featured – followed by the GROOVIEST little breakdown bit at 2 minutes in. It was entirely unexpected but made me repeat the track at least a good 5 times before I could get over it. Nothing but an overly happy yet shocked facial expression throughout the whole song.

The final track on the EP features the yet again unique sound that is “Suffer in Rhythm”. BIG "bleghs" in this one, faster guitar work and the heaviest of heavy, technical breakdowns. I really enjoy this song as a final taste on the surprise EP, there’s nothing better than hitting the finish with a straightforward heavy hitter – one that makes you repeat the whole 4 tracks over and over. This song features some beautiful melodics around 2:10, some unique distortion but overlapped with some stunning vocals to really captivate you in the lyrics – to make you remember that beyond the heavy there is true meaning to this and I’m absolutely living for it.

This EP is nothing but an absolute masterpiece. I’m beyond impressed with what Dealer have done with this. It’s a perfect showcase of their unique sound and I’m heavily recommending that if you are thinking of getting into Dealer that you start with this EP. The hardcore outfit has proven in the past that they cannot be beat, they are truly reigning kings at the moment in the scene and we are beyond excited to hear what’s next for them. I would without a doubt recommend spinning this EP LOUD! – you won’t regret it.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Saint is available for on Spotify & iTunes now! STREAM HERE via Human Warfare.

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