Album Review: FUTURE STATIC - Fatalist (EP)

Artist: Future Static

Album: Fatalist

Genre: Melodic Hardcore

Review by Taylor Lack

Future Static are set to release their highly-anticipated EP Fatalist this coming Friday, April 3rd. With 6 absolutely captivating singles to really sink your teeth into, this collection truly is the representation of proud craftsmanship, sheer talent and a love for your art. It’s a furious display of power and passion – With the early release of single "Choke" already being featured on the Spotify “Homegrown + Heavy” playlist – it only just gives you that slight insight on what’s to come.

With an intro as tough as nails and as accurate to the portrayal of true passion, the first single "Growth" is nothing short of fantastic. It is my promise to you that this intro will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. It took me quite a long while to get over this intro, but it is absolutely the most perfect way to introduce Future Static to new listeners.

Being a new band, there isn't a whole lot of information about Future Static just yet, but from what I’ve noticed recently having listened to this EP a few times over, is that it’s as deep as it could possibly be. It’s not often you’re absolutely encapsulated with the magic of what the artist has made. Diving deeper into another single that absolutely caught my attention, "Adaptive Manipulator", is almost acting as a pick-me-up interlude, but was definitely right up my alley as a heavy lover. It’s just that little bit extra that they didn’t have to do, but they did that, thank you for doing that.

Another single I wanted to add some extra thoughts into was the EP’s last track, "The Fatalist." From the get-go, I absolutely love music I can relate too. What I enjoyed most about this single and respectively, a lot of others on the EP, is that I listen to the lyrics and I can relate, I can almost take that and correlate it to something I’ve been through also. I’m making strong predictions that a lot of other listeners will take this and run with it also. It’s all lyrical and musical storytelling and I’m an absolute sucker for something I can sing-a-long too at the top of my lungs.

It’s definitely safe to say that every single featured on this EP has absolutely blown me away, but, the EP collectively from start to finish, is something to admire. Front woman Bri Marsh is in my opinion, a breath of fresh air for vocalists. It’s so fantastic to hear so much talent behind one woman. The entire EP is a collection of extremely pretty melodies, killer riffs, then balanced out with some powerful lyrics. It’s definitely the ‘new wave’ for melodic heavy and I’m so confident that this EP will do the band much justice.

Check out already released single "Choke" and prepare yourself for the release of Fatalist on April 3rd, its not one to miss.

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