Album Review: Lorna Shore - Immortal

Artist: Lorna Shore

Album: Immortal

Genre: Blackened Deathcore

Review by Tay Lack

Dark, heavy and flooded with passion – It’s been a long time for blackened death metal outfit Lorna Shore. Suffering true artist hardship and coming out on top, bringing to the scene what is to be the best blackened death metal album of the year thus far. Lorna Shore have recently released their new album titled “Immortal”. The record has been out momentarily – all controversy aside; here’s my dissection of what deserves the most attention, the music.

With being such a highly anticipated release and ticking all the boxes for everything blackened death metal stands for – this most well-constructed album arose from the smoke despite the trials and tribulations the rest of the boys had to face. It's impressive that despite controversy the members were able to push out such a high quality album for their beloved fans. Featuring a different take, an ominous vibe to compliment the dark and mysterious elements behind the production. Sampling beautiful keys and strings only adding to the depth.

The first track I wanted to discuss is one of my favourites titled "King Ov Deception." Straight off the top of my head, I was taking notes as a I was listening to the song for the first time to grasp my kosher opinion, as I’ve been a hardcore LS fan for as long as I can remember. The intro is textured and layered so perfectly to just immerse you in all the glory. I remember being so amazed at the production quality on the whole album – but this was definitely a stand out.

Adding onto well produced, textured layers – "Relentless Torment" and "Hollow Sentence" are extremely well made tracks. The consistency throughout the album in terms of execution, quality, and a steady medium of melodic elements and just straight out filthy blast beats is second to none. "Relentless Torment" features (personally in my opinion) some of the greatest riffs to come out of Lorna Shore.

Overall, the album is absolute 10/10 for me. Not being bias and putting my favouritism aside for the band – the tracks produced on this definitely ought to come out on top as some of the best releases in blackened death metal this year. It was amazing to see one of my favourite LS songs “Darkest Spawn” originally with vocals recorded by Tom Barker, listed on the album towards the end. Lorna Shore, with all unfortunate events aside, are an amazing band and have produced an amazing quality record for us despite what they’re going through. There are definitely big things coming for the band and I’m so excited to see where this release takes them.

Rating: 10 out 10.

Immortal is out now via Century Media Records. Purchase or stream available HERE.

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