Album Review: LOS MALES DEL MUNDO - Descent Towards Death

Artist: Los Males Del Mundo

Album: Descent Towards Death

Genre: Black Metal

Review by Steve Jenkins

Los Males Del Mundo combines today's modern Black Metal sound and late 90's melodic Black Metal with lyrics deeply influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche, Emil Cioran and A. Schopenhauer.

The band was first created in 2016 as a project between Dany Tee (Acathexis, Downfall of Nur) and Cristian Yans. Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg Einer Freiheit) later joined as a producer and guest musician.

In October 2020 a promotional self-titled EP with two tracks was released through Bandcamp.

Their first full length album, “Descent Towards Death,” containing 5 tracks of 40 minutes length, is an invitation to a conceptual journey, dragging the listener into the darkest and remotest places of the human soul. It reflects an internal battle, expressed as changes between aggressive and furious passages on the one hand, and dense and introspective landscapes full of melancholic melodies on the other.

The five tracks span just over forty minutes which takes you on an immersive journey, invoking certain pensiveness, you might call it a nihilistic introspection, but they urge you attend to their grim message. This isn’t by any means traditional black metal that you can bang your head to whilst throwing back a few beers. Instead, it's the sort of album you would want to lie down in a dark room and just embrace the compositions and melancholic melodies.

It’s hard to pick favorite tracks out of the five since they’re all fairly solid and even keeled. I’ll go with “Falling into Nothing,” the first and longest track on the album; “Eternal Circle of Vain Efforts” as it has the most contours and curious texture; and “The Heavy Burden” which, true to its name, comes on with the pace of Doom and the weight of lead. The final solo on this track, btw, is soul wrenching.

Overall, “Descent Towards Death” is certainly album of the year material, and we're only in February as I type this. This guys really know what they're doing. All the little references from MGLA, to Dissection, and even some Cradle of Filth, the beginning and the ending matching perfectly, the unexpected guitar arrangements, and the versatility of the vocals. You can tell this have a lot of work and knowledge on the matter. Everything about this release rules, from the cover artwork to the music. Well done.

8.5 out of 10

Descent Towards Death is out now via Northern Silence Productions.

Purchase here:

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