Album Review: PUNCTURE WOUND - Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses

Artist: Puncture Wound Album: Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses Genre: Old School Death Metal Review by Steve Jenkins

Hailing from the bright and sunny coastal region of Australia, otherwise known as the Gold Coast, comes some of the most brutal, putrid and pummeling death metal you're bound to hear. Puncture Wound have just released their fourth savage offering in the form of 'Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses' - I dare you to say that 5 times really fast.

If brutal old school death metal with lyrical content containing such subjects as gore, death, cannibalism and of course horror movies is your jam, then this five-piece from Queensland is the perfect band for you. There are currently a plethora of modern death metal bands trying to replicate the old school death metal sound, and who can blame them? It's such a successful and great sounding era for death metal and so many legendary bands came from that late 80s/early 90s period. I can safely say though, that after listening to Puncture Wound, especially this latest offering, that they are definitely a band that is up there with the best of them.

One of the things that this band are extremely good at is encapsulating that raw and grimy trademark old school death metal sound without making it sound too muddy or messy. 'Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses' rumbles continuously and flawlessly from beginning to end with infectious riffs and structured groove all woven together with eerie leads, making for a perfect album to headbang along to. After a while you begin to rid the comparisons and just enjoy Puncture Wound for their own creative and barbaric sound. Whilst definitely not ground-breaking or particularly innovative, there's no denying that this is death metal done right. For me personally, I like my death metal to be fairly slow and meticulous, and whilst I do appreciate the musicianship from those super technical death metal bands, this is more up my alley.

Everything about the album feels confident, with a genuine understanding of the genre's appeal. It's old school to the core, but doesn't come across as a try-hard throwback. Puncture Wound should be on every extreme metal lovers radar as they are really solidifying their own sound as a band and after listening to this album overall, it succeeds in pretty much hitting all of the sweet spots.

Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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