Album Review: RESIN TOMB - Resin Tomb (EP)

Artist: Resin Tomb

Album: Self Titled EP

Genre: Blackened Death Grind

Review by Steve Jenkins

Formed in 2018 with members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent & Snorlax, Brisbane's Resin Tomb pull's influence from dissonant death to blackened grind.

An exhibition of torture, deprivation and sewer dwelling hatred, this long germinating self-titled debut showcases the Brisbane scene once again demonstrating their unholy ability to craft intemperate layers of blasting viciousness.

The intensity of this release is eerie and harrowing, with gut-wrenching vocals and relentless musicianship complete with grinding distortion that fills in the thick, rounded yet cavernous guitars. The production is not only heavy, but noisy and chaotic, but in a compelling and admirable way.

Most of the songs on this EP are far slower paced than most blackened deathgrind releases, attempting to crush the listener, mostly through dense, trudging rhythms with tremendously heavy guitars, pounding drums and murky basslines in conjunction with the dragging, gurgled vocal lines.

I would say that drums and bass are the most important aspects of this album, where guitars and vocals are somewhere in the back completing hellish destruction. The track "Penance" is a deranged offering with these amazing tempo changes and shifts. Guitar on this song is extremely heavy and noisy and it truly elevates this song to another dimension.

Closing track "Bestial" is truly a rife assault with heavy and thunderous production, whilst also remaining dynamic and cathartic. The thing I love most about this release from Resin Tomb is that it pushes you to the extremity in a best way possible. I love how ambitious this project is with multi-faced songwriting and fluid tempo changes.

Overall, everything on this release is very cohesive and coherent and I admire the composition. It’s vile, nasty and I like the energy, anger and aggressiveness when listening to this band. I highly recommend Resin Tomb and I’m excited to see what they will offer us next!

Resin Tomb is out July 31st via Brilliant Emperor Records.

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