Album Review: Saviour - A Lunar Rose

Artist: Saviour

Album: A Lunar Rose

Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Review by Wade Speer

Perth heavy act Saviour are back bolder than ever with the long-awaited release of their fourth studio album ‘A Lunar Rose’. The album perfectly reflects the sound they’ve used in their previous three albums into a very powerful new sound, with the end results being the best Saviour we’ve ever seen and heard to date.

“Never Sleep” and “The City” both preceded the album announcement leaving fans eager for the new and improved sound. Throughout both tracks it was evident that the band had improved in every aspect and created something special. From Bryant Best’s vocal range to the ever so familiar melodic guitar work we’ve come to love. It was especially impressive with how well Best and vocal partner Shontay Snow bounce off each other, a truly fantastic blend of harmonization, aggressiveness and tranquility. We know Saviour has always delivered, but these tracks take it to the next level. In saying that, they both also have incredible individual performances for the duration of the album.

The band have also returned to the heaviness that many fans believe was missing from their last release. “Souvenir”, “Violet” & “Calenders” have a very in-your-face ambience to them, whilst also possessing the calming sound of Snow’s heavenly voice. These tracks bring that hard-hitting feel mainly due to the thunderous drumming and huge sounding guitars that absolutely shred. Not every band can hit you right in the feels through their sound, but Saviour are experts at conveying anger, sadness, joy and just raw emotion. That’s a quality that automatically makes your music worth listening to.the end of the song.

There’s definitely a sign of personal struggle right through the album but also a sense of overcoming those obstacles and coming out of it stronger. That’s something I think we can all relate to, and sometimes bleak journeys that turn into a brighter side of life are necessary. That’s where Saviour come in with their haunting melodic qualities whilst returning to an emotionally powerful and heavy edge. A vital and important balance with the end result being the stories of ‘A Lunar Rose’. It really feels like all members of the band put their heart and soul into this album and that’s why it is such a great release.

Saviour are back in a BIG way. Be ready for them to absolutely kill these songs live!

Rating: 8 out of 10

A Lunar Rose will be released February 28th via Independent/Believe Digital

Preorder packages available here:

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