Album Review: Viscera - Obsidian

Artist: Viscera

Album: Obsidian

Genre: Deathcore Review by Simon Strelein From the opening strains of Obsidian the listener is reminded that deathcore as a genre is no longer a creative dead end. Multitudes of new artists continue to push this musical category in varied directions, UK newcomers Viscera being no exception to this new and welcome trend. Splicing influences of modern tech death and traditional deathcore, Viscera’s blistering new album has a sound reminiscent at times of Within The Ruins. Former frontman of Sylosis Jamie Graham’s bull-throated roars and soaring clean highs coupled with the technical guitaristry of Ross McLennan and Adam Bell push to new territories of creativity and ferocity. Symphonic refrains embellish and accentuate the frantic fretwork, punctuated by hammering breakdowns strafed with Gatling drum beats. As a whole, Obsidian is delivered in an immaculately produced and engineered package. Precision and attention to detail abound in this slick offering. With the amount of detailed work and effort put into each song, the listener should feel grateful that this effort has been extended to production to ensure every nuance is captured correctly. Chaotic, brutal elements wage war against celestial, orchestral choirs yet neither side overcomes the other. The balance between the two is perfect.

Opening track "Delilah", cuts with a sheer intensity and urgency akin to Enterprise Earth or Beneath The Massacre. Tracks such as "Immersed In Ire" and "Lamb To The Slaughter" give nods to genre kings Aborted while harkening to the more "djent thall" flavour of Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta. Symphonic black metal claws it’s way periodically over the barrage of modern brutality to lend monstrous cadence unprecedented in many releases.

At just over 35 minutes Obsidian feels a little truncated, leaving the listener wanting more. Perhaps that’s a good thing, I will zealously await future releases from Viscera. If their debut album is this compelling, one struggles to comprehend what awaits us.

For fans of: Aborted, Within The Ruins, Sylosis,

Obsidian is out now via Unique Leader Records and all streaming platforms.

Digital copies available here:

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