Album Review: WEREWOLVES - The Dead Are Screaming

Artist: Werewolves

Album: The Dead Are Screaming

Genre: Blackened Death-Grind

Review by Sam Radojcin

A lot of today’s modern death metal can be considered way over the top with an huge emphasis on technicality, speed and how low you can tune down. While that is more than fine, there is nothing like some old school hard hitting extreme metal that emanated from the 1990’s such as Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse among many others. When members of bands such as Psycroptic, The Bezerker and Abremalin came together, they formed what is known as Werewolves and smashed out what would become their debut, The Dead Are Screaming.

Right from the get go, "Establish Dominance" does just what it says and dominates all the aural senses with a pulverizing Morbid Angel-esque attack, the slamming groove of "Beating Those We Despise", "Know Your Place" and "Fountains Of Bile" hit vehemently hard, "Dogknotted" and Irate grind like a well sharpened saw and the blackened "Showering Teeth" caps off the proceedings

The Dead Are Screaming is an exercise in old school filthy extreme metal delivered straightforward with no bullshit and no gimmicks in 33 short minutes. Considering the musicians’ pedigree, you wouldn’t expect any less in Werewolves and their homage to classic extreme metal. If you nod towards the old school extreme metal, The Dead Are Screaming is for you.

The Dead Are Screaming is available now via EVP Recordings. Order your copy HERE.

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