An Ultimate Guide To UNIFY Gathering 2020

Written by Taylor Lack

It’s a glorious time of the year when UNIFY Gathering is announced. There’s so much hype, anticipation and so many people left questioning “how the hell could they possibly make this year better than the last?” It’s safe to say that the team behind UNIFY has outdone themselves this year, producing an absolutely stacked line up featuring local and international acts. From the UK's Architects to The Ghost Inside's highly anticipated return, UNIFY 2020 is no doubt going to be one to remember. This year I’m travelling from Sydney down to Victoria for all of your festival coverage, but for now here’s my guide to you for UNIFY GATHERING!

Not only is UNIFY just a typical music festival, it’s an experience for all involved! Gathering your mates, pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars and waking up in beautiful rural Victoria - what more could you ask for?

The party starts on Friday the 10th of January. Easily my first instinct is to make sure I don’t miss Aussie outfit Diamond Construct or the girls in The Beautiful Monument, followed by a stacked compilation of heavy leading up to Northlane and our humble headliners Architects. From personal experience, I was lucky enough to attend Architects most recent show in Sydney and boy, was that an emotional show. The energy they’re predicted to bring to this festival is like no other. Make sure you stick around for Architects on night one, or you’ll truly regret it.

Following night one, we have day two of UNIFY GATHERING 2020. I’ve seen majority of the bands on Saturdays line up, and it’s safe to say I have already strategically planned who I’m covering and who I want to see the most. We’re starting off with Kublai Khan TX, an absolutely amazing band. This outfit produced some of the most amazing riffs this year – hearing their single “The Truest Love” and feeling the energy they’re bound to bring is something I wouldn’t want to miss. Knocked Loose are next on my recommended list, then followed by Void of Vision, Stray From The Path and my most anticipated act, The Ghost Inside. When I say you don’t want to miss these headliners, I mean you really don’t want to miss The Ghost Inside's return. Every single person at that festival is bound to go absolutely crazy for these guys and I can not wait to experience it.

UNIFY is something everyone needs to experience at least once. It’s a big festival, it’s going to be hot so here’s my PSA to you if you’re attending UNIFY 2020. First things first, look after your mates! Set a designated meeting spot if you get lost, there may be minimal reception there and sticking together is important. Secondly, STAY HYDRATED! alcohol is fun but not getting heatstroke is even better, remember to drink lots of water. Thirdly, get in early and plan out where you and your mates are pitching your tents, there is so much information on the UNIFY websites Q&A page, about PitCoin, camping, times, travel and all things festival related. I recommend doing some research before the big weekend!

Unify is going to be a blast in 2020. Let’s all work together to make sure that it’s fun, yet safe. Tickets are still available on the official UNIFY website, but they’re extremely limited. It’s two weeks till day one and I can’t wait to cover this festival – stay tuned for my official UNIFY 2020 report.

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