Aussie Thrash Metallers HARLOT Release New Single From Upcoming Album

Hailing from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia come the sounds of the always fast, aggressive and unrelenting thrash metal band known as Harlott. The band have just dropped their new single, "As We Breach"; from their upcoming record, 'Detritus of the Final Age' - out November 13th on Metal Blade Records. Listen to the track below:

"For the first time ever, I went into this album with a blank slate," says vocalist/guitarist Andrew Hudson. "No ideas or requirements, just an empty record ready to be filled with whatever took me. Obviously thrash metal is the wheelhouse of what we do, and it came out pretty thrashy, but it was great to be able to set that aside and explore other avenues." The result is perhaps the band's most dynamic release, while holding on tight to that signature Harlott sound that has drawn in a legion of fans from around the world..

Detritus of the Final Age track-listing:

1. As We Breach 2. Idol Minded 3. Bring on the War 4. Detritus of the Final Age 5. Prime Evil 6. Nemesis 7. Slaughter 8. Grief 9. Miserere of the Dead 10. The Time to Kill Is Now

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