Australian Metal Collective 'R U N' Have Released A Couple Of Brand New Tracks

Just in case you haven't already heard, R U N is a new Australian project built on several collective decades spent toiling through success and failure within the Australian heavy music underground. A duo compromised of vocalist Lochlan Watt (former live member of Thy Art Is Murder/Psycroptic) and guitarist Mike Deslandes (YLVA/High Tension), they pull together extreme metal fury, hardcore accessibility, and the heady contemplation of post-rock into a sound that you’ve likely heard in various places several times before - just never quite blended together like this. 

Recently the duo released their very first single titled "For You" which was extremely well received by the heavy music community. This week, R U N have surprised us yet again with two new offerings that will blow you away when you listen to them. Check out the new tracks below.

Listen to "Will Never" here:

Listen to "Find Peace" here:

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