Best Metal Albums of 2020 - Contributor Picks

2020. Musically, one of the best years that we've ever had. But as far as day to day life was concerned, it was definitely a year we'd all rather forget. Many albums that were released ended up being so-called soundtracks to the absolute clusterfuck that was the beginning of a new decade. Whether it be COVID-19, politics, racism, tragedy, injustice, let's face it. There wasn't much positivity when it came to news and current events, but music has once again saved us and was the true purveyor of greatness that we all needed. The darkness, the morbidness, the misery, it was all there in the music and we could all relate to what was being heard. There is no doubt that 2020 has indeed produced some of the best metal that will be looked back on in years to come. Here are some of our personal favourite picks and we hope you perhaps discover something when going through these well received releases.

Hayden Connor (Writer)

1. Deftones - Ohms

2. Faceless Burial - Speciation

3. Black Curse - Endless Wound

4. Vader - Solitude In Madness

5. Incantation - Sect Of Vile Divinities

Anthony Melbourne (Writer)

1. The Ghost Inside - The Ghost Inside

2. Inhibitor - Abhorrence EP

3. Babirusa - Humanoid

4. Growth - The Smothering Arms Of Mercy

5. The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous

Andrew Clearihan (Writer)

1. Anaal Nathrakh - Endarkenment

2. The Black Dahlia Murder - Verminous

3. Katatonia - City Burials

4. Paradise Lost - Obsidian

5. Black Crown Initiate - Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape

Mothlord (Writer)

1. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still

2. Relic Point - Self Punishment

3. Vous Autres - Sel De Pierre

4. Wake - Devouring Ruin

5. Beneath The Massacre - Rise Of The Fearmonger

Wojtek Tomczyk (Writer)

1. Akhlys - Melinoë

2. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and Be Still

3. Growth - The Smothering Arms of Mercy

4. Me and That Man - New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol. 1

5. Nightwish - HUMAN. :||: NATURE

Brady Irwin (Writer)

1. Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Endceladius

2. Napalm Death - Throes of Joy in the arms of defeatism

3. Wake - Devouring Ruin

4. Hateful - Set Forever On Me

5. Thou/Emma Ruth Rundle - May Our Chambers Be Full

Jake Patton (Writer)

1. Trivium — What The Dead Men Say

2. Sepultura — Quadra

3. Ulcerate — Stare into Death and Be Still

4. Mors Principium Est — Seven

5. Static-X — Project Regeneration Volume 1

Steve Jenkins (Owner/Writer)

1. Spectral Lore & Mare Cognitum - Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine

2. Ulcerate - Stare Into Death and Be Still

3. Akhlys - Melinoë

4. Paysage d'Hiver - Im Wald

5. Oranssi Pazuzu - Mestarin kynsi

Tam Schilling (Photographer)

1. Sevendust - Blood & Stone

2. Marilyn Manson - We are Chaos

3. Trivium - What The Dead Men Say

4. Testament - Titans Of Creation

5. Nightwish - Human II: Nature

Sam Radojcin (Writer)

1. Code Orange - Underneath

2. Paradise Lost - Obsidian

3. Chaos Divine - Legacies

4. Deftones - Ohms

5. Midnight Oil - The Makarrata Project

Thank you all for the support and we'll see you next year! Let's hope that we get some more live shows in 2021 and I'm sure there will be some amazing albums to review and discuss. Take care!

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