Brush Up On Your Music Trivia With WHAT WE DID ON THE WEEKEND

Melbourne legends and self confessed gig addicts Jase and Burgo of the WHAT WE DID ON THE WEEKEND podcast have been attempting to smarten up local bands from the heavy music scene. The Cruiser loving duo (guava flavour only or get out!) first presented the "Lockdown Music Trivia" episodes back in early June, with a total of four episodes plus a Grand Final which was filmed at Stay Gold in Brunswick. The episodes feature members of bands such as Hollow World, Inhibitor, Bad/Love, Saviour, Pridelands and many more "way more better" guests. In what can only be described as highly entertaining. hilarious, out of control and chock-a-block full of quality banter, this is the perfect way to brush up on your music knowledge whilst you're locked up inside for the foreseeable future. Sit back, relax, crack open a cold one and enjoy!

Episode #1

Episode #2

Episode #3

Episode #4

Episode #5 The Grand Final

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