CANNIBAL CORPSE Reveal Details For New Studio Album

Cannibal Corpse has announced their 15th studio album, Violence Unimagined, will be released April 16th via Metal Blade Records.

The new single "Inhumane Harvest" can be heard below:

Following this news, Erik Rutan has also been added as a full-time member.

He stated on his Facebook page:

"I felt it very important to personally share some big news with all of you today...I am officially joining CANNIBAL CORPSE! I am super excited and honored and honestly it still seems a bit surreal."

He also detailed on what it means for him as a listener of the band for more than 30 years but as well as a producer and also touring with the band on multiple occasions. Rutan is very well known for his time with Morbid Angel as well as production work for the likes of Goatwhore, Vital Remains, Nile, Krisiun, Devourment and many others.

He also mentioned that he will balance the Cannibal Corpse work with his Hate Eternal and production-related duties.

Comprised of eleven tracks, Violence Unimagined is state of the art death metal played with passion and breathless precision, making for another flawless addition to what is inarguably one of the premier catalogues the genre has thrown up. "It really follows the path we've been going down for a few years now," states bassist and founding member Alex Webster. "I think we approach the writing in a similar way most every time: each of us try to write the heaviest, most memorable songs we can. We want each song to have its own identifiable character. Showing my age, I like to say you can 'drop the needle' on any point of one of our albums and quickly tell which song you're listening to.”

Violence Unimagined track-listing 1. Murderous Rampage 2. Necrogenic Resurrection 3. Inhumane Harvest 4. Condemnation Contagion 5. Surround, Kill, Devour 6. Ritual Annihilation 7. Follow the Blood 8. Bound and Burned 9. Slowly Sawn 10. Overtorture 11. Cerements of the Flayed

Album art by: Vincent Locke

Cannibal Corpse line-up:

Alex Webster - bass

Paul Mazurkiewicz - drums

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - vocals

Rob Barrett - guitar

Erik Rutan - guitar

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