Essential Deathcore: 8 Albums You Need To Hear

The mid to late 2000's saw a relatively new trend become one of the most popular and polarising sub-genres of metal, otherwise known as deathcore. It was heavy, brutal, and saw a huge wave of bands rise up to try and create the most crushing breakdowns and the most extreme vocals. Taking elements from both death metal and hardcore, it wasn't long before deathcore became hugely popular and influential among younger musicians and listeners alike. To this very day, deathcore still lives on, with a select few bands still creating and evolving as a new generation approaches. Here we have a selection of 8 essential deathcore albums that you need to hear, in no particular order.

Suicide Silence - The Cleansing

Many will go straight to this album when it comes to introducing someone to deathcore, and rightfully so. This album is a true classic of the genre, an extreme showcase of brutality and sheer aggression, not to mention those monstrous breakdowns on tracks such as "Unanswered", "No Pity For A Coward" and "Bludgeoned To Death."

Despised Icon - The Healing Process

This band from Montreal to me is essential deathcore and definitely one of the pioneers for the genre. The Healing Process was where Despised Icon really found their groove and came into their own. Alex Erian got out from behind the drum kit and stepped up to the microphone with his venomous hardcore style of vocal, next to fellow band-mate Steve Marois who displays some of the most disgusting and gnarly growls and gutturals in the game. Fast drumming, slamming riffs, brutal vocals and a perfect blend of death metal and hardcore, what more can you want?

Job For A Cowboy - DOOM EP

Job for a Cowboy originally started as a deathcore group, but they changed their style to death metal with the release of their first full-length album 'Genesis' in 2007. But this landmark EP from 2005 definitely earned them a lot of attention from the extreme metal community, especially at the peak of the MySpace era. Pig squeals and breakdowns are aplenty on this release, and it never sounded better.

Thy Art Is Murder - Hate

It was a toss up between 'Hate' and 'The Adversary', but this is the album that took the Western Sydney deathcore group to worldwide status and acclaim. 'The Adversary' almost saw the band go more towards a straight up death metal style, whereas on 'Hate' the band really tighten their production and song-writing but still have the devastating breakdowns and deathcore elements. Many fans of Thy Art Is Murder will choose 'Hate' as their best offering, and that's hard to argue against. This album is indeed essential deathcore.

Whitechapel - This Is Exile

Much like the above pick, this is the album that elevated Whitechapel to become one of the leaders of the deathcore camp. Everything about 'This Is Exile' is just nasty and brutal, with some of the most crushing breakdowns known to man. It also features arguably the most talented vocalist the genre has ever seen as well, Phil Bozeman. 2008 was a massive year for the deathcore scene and with releases like this one it isn't hard to see or hear why.

Carnifex - Dead In My Arms

You can't have an essential deathcore list without including Carnifex. 'Dead In My Arms' was the bands debut album and really cemented them as a band to watch out for. Carnifex have truly stood the test of time in the deathcore genre, even branching out and adding some blackened death metal elements to their current sound. But this 2007 release is filthy deathcore through and through with good guitar riffs and heavy breakdowns.

Make Them Suffer - Neverbloom

This album right here is one of my favourite releases by any Australian band ever. With all bias aside, it's definitely an essential deathcore album that saw this band from Perth explode onto the scene with their captivating symphonic elements. Pounding drums, heavy, fast guitar, haunting keys and piercing screams with amazing, haunting, heavy and memorable moments from beginning to end. This isn't your typical deathcore album, but there's definitely something magical about it.

All Shall Perish - The Price Of Existence

Another great example of a band that could bring death metal and hardcore together seamlessly, creative such an extreme sound that offers plenty to the listener. The Price Of Existence is where ASP really began to shine and also create some of their most renowned songs. You've still got your breakdown, pig squeals and blastbeats here, but ASP were so good at adding that technicality aspect to their music so that it didn't sound so repetitive all the time. An absolute standout and must for any fan of deathcore or extreme metal.

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