Essential Listening: Download Festival Australia 2020 (Deftones)

Deftones are without question one of the most experimental and successful groups to have come from the alternative metal music scene. Arising to fame during the Nu-Metal boom in the 90's to later becoming one of the more popular and beloved bands in hard rock/metal to this very day, Deftones have always carried themselves as a dynamic collective with their mellow-manic approach. Since their inception, the band has become a multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award winning success. The Californian alternative metallers have carved a wonderful career for themselves, defined by aggressive and double-fisted heaviness mixed in with emotional and melodic elements narrated by Chino Moreno's insane vocal range. With seven stunning albums under their belt and over 10 million copies sold worldwide, if you don't know Deftones by now, then you definitely should. Here's a list of songs to get yourself familiar with them before you discover their must see stage show at Download Festival Australia 2020.

10. "Rosemary" (Koi No Yokan) - This song is something special. Such a unique sludgy, chilled-out savagery. Like a mixture of hideous and beautiful, depression and joy. At almost seven minutes long, this track is certainly one of the standouts from their 2012 masterpiece.

9. "Digital Bath" (White Pony) - This is one of those songs that when you put it on, it takes you to a different place and almost makes you feel like you're floating. Chino's vocals are at his very best here also. There's something indescribable about this song’s vibe that makes it so unique. Amazing.

8. "You've Seen The Butcher" (Diamond Eyes) - This song is not only incredible, but to add to that the music video is unbelievably good to top it all off. One of the many Deftones songs that should also make it into your "Bedroom Playlist" *wink wink*

7. "Hole In The Earth" (Saturday Night Wrist) - This album often gets overlooked but it's got a few really great Deftones tracks, including this one. The album opener that truly sets the bar for the rest of the remaining songs on this release. Emotional, gravitating and beautiful.

6. "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)" (Around The Fur) - For many people this song was the introduction to Deftones as it was one of their more popular songs. Taken from 1997's Around The Fur album, at over 20 years old this song still holds up to anything new that the band have released.

5. "Minerva" (Deftones) - You've gotta love the gentle intro, and then how this songs heaviness slams in from nowhere. Both heavy and ethereal, trademarks that are synonymous with Deftones sound.

4. "Leathers" (Koi No Yokan) - Much like the above, this track gives way to another one of the band’s heaviest riffs, before the infectious and mammoth sounding chorus latter-era Deftones have become famous for.

3. "Diamond Eyes" (Diamond Eyes) - What a way to open an album, with crushing versus and a beautiful chorus, this song is one of their more heavier offerings. It also shows off Chino Moreno’s incredible vocal range, something which often doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

2. "Change (In The House Of Flies)" (White Pony) - One of the most recognisable Deftones songs and rightfully so. A true masterpiece with great atmosphere, heavy hooks and hypnotic vocals that make this track truly transcendent.

1. "My Own Summer (Shove It)" (Around The Fur) - This song is just brilliant and pure Deftones greatness. When people talk about the loud-quiet dynamics of this band, this is the perfect example. Raw heaviness accompanied by a harmonious chorus and vocal performance, classic Deftones.

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