Gig Review: Between The Buried And Me + The Omnific @ The Triffid - Brisbane

Headliner: Between The Buried And Me

Support: The Omnific

Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane

Date: Friday, 28th February 2020

Review by Sarah Savage

Photos taken by Tam Schilling

What better to do on a warm Friday night in Brissy than to head over to the Triffid for some live music?! So I waded in amongst fellow concert-goers last night to catch Between The Buried And Me and The Omnific hit the stage… and let's just say I'm glad I did!

As the venue started to fill, you could feel the growing anticipation of the fans and the pure excitement in the air. The night kicked off with progressive instrumental trio, The Omnific, with their unique and intriguing sound. The band, famously featuring 2 compelling bass players, created artistically layered musical pieces with such fascinating precision and intimacy, seeing the mood for the whole evening. Appreciation for the carefully assorted multi-tiers of music could be felt and the crowd (and myself) were left absolutely spellbound.

As progressive metal masterminds, Between The Buried And Me, stepped onto the stage and the venue was illuminated with psychedelic streams of light, eager fans cheered loudly and shuffled closer with excitement. Referred to the prog-metal innovators and highly praised for their seemingly mathematically constructed music, everyone knew they were in for a moving experience and were far from disappointed. A sea of people stood in awe as they played a double set full of dynamic highs and lows, iconic solos, compelling vocal arrangements and totally gripping time signature alteration. With ever-changing melodies and tasty instrumentals, the crowd seemed to be lost in a perpetual state of enchantment as BTBAM painted the room with their colourful sound. The guitar rand out and the kick drum pulsated heavily through the audience like an atomic aftershock as wave after wave of ominous grooves and crushing vocals flooded the entire room. Truly an experience I would liken to a metal style pink Floyd concert, yes that’s it the pink Floyd of metal, a captivating full sensory experience.

You felt the influence of jazz, swing, rock, classical and more, all wrapped up in a hard hitting metal shell and while this music would be considered an acquired taste, every music lover can surely appreciate the genius in this perfectly fused organized chaos. 20 years on I can certainly say the boys are still in their prime and know how to keep us on our toes and not knowing what to expect from this gig, I was pleasantly surprised. So if you metalheads haven’t had the BTBAM experience, I recommend you get your butt out to a show anther in the pit for this science we call music.

Special thank you to Live Nation Australia & New Zealand for having us!

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