Gig Review: Invasion Fest 2020 @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney - 18/01/20

Invasion Fest 2020

Venue: The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Date: Saturday, January 18th 2020

Review by Tay Lack

Photos by Rowan Donohue

If you were unlucky enough to miss out on the mosh pit extravaganza that is Invasion Fest, then you’re probably spin-kicking with rage right now. An array of local and international bands on last Saturday’s line up absolutely reigned carnage on Sydney’s Metro Theatre and it was not an event to be missed. If you couldn’t get a ticket to this sold out frenzy and you’re super bummed out about missing The Red Shore’s reunion show after 10 long years of waiting - don’t worry, I got you. Here’s my recap of Invasion Fest 2020.

I’ll just start by saying that every single band on this line up played and sounded absolutely amazing. The effort that Ash Hull and co put into this event is truly going to be a talking point for many more events to come and the bar has been set extremely high. I would absolutely love to rid out thoughts on every single band but I’d be here writing for hours! I’m going to touch on the highlights of the afternoon, starting with DAYBREAK.

Daybreak are a band I haven’t seen before. What I love most about attending live shows is stumbling across a new band and being able to go in-depth about the execution of their performance. The tones were definitely heavier than I had anticipated from the Perth outfit – absolutely submerging myself in their raw elements. These boys definitely brought something new to the table and they were a definite stand out in my opinion. I’m excited to see more of them, and trust me when I say you’ll definitely be be seeing their name pop up more and more. 

Next I want to touch on the performance from hometown heroes Justice For The Damned. I had the absolute pleasure of writing up about this outfit last October at Halloween Hysteria and don’t get me wrong, their performance was immaculate! But their show at Invasion Fest pulled an unspeakable crowd. I’m so honest when I say this was my favourite set out of the 4-or-so times I’ve seen these boys. I’m so excited to see JFTD absolutely make 2020 theirs. I’ve got a sure-fire gut feeling that this band deserve to take the crown for best performance of the by far.

After a decade long absence from playing live, The Red Shore had a return that long time fans will remember and cherish for many years to come. Despite a devastating absence by Chase, Luke Frizon was welcomed to the stage with open arms and gave it everything he had. It was the perfect endeavour for the return. (Honestly, my editor was devastated that he missed this one!) TRS had every single patron in the palm of their hands, absolutely reigning supreme and setting the tone for our next two headliners.

Jesus Piece was absolute insanity (shout out to the dude who cartwheeled into my shin, I’m bruised). Having been my first time seeing them I was actually impressed at the quality of their performance. Everything was very well staged and definitely set the bar straight for Knocked Loose – whom were equally as amazing. I wasn’t surprised when KL pulled the crowd they did, after their UNIFY performance – I haven’t been able to get ”Counting Worms” out of my head.

Overall, experience wise the entire festival was planned out perfectly. Timings were great, fights were minimal (unfortunately not at zero) and everyone had a fantastic time. It’s mini-fests like this that keep the heavy music scene alive, really focusing on the variety of bands and overall enjoyment factor. There were some massive names on this line up and I’m beyond excited to see what 2021 has in store, if and when it returns. Whether you’re into deathcore, metalcore or hardcore, this event at its core was a complete success. 

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