Gig Review: Knocked Loose + Jesus Piece @ Dicey Riley's Hotel, Wollongong - 16/01/20

Headliner: Knocked Loose

Support: Jesus Piece + Burn In Hell + Kid Presentable

Venue: Dicey Riley's Pub, Wollongong

Date: Thursday, January 16th 2020

Review by Steve Jenkins

Photos by Britt Andrews

Thursday night saw Dicey Riley's pub in Wollongong play host to U.S.A heavy hitters Knocked Loose and Jesus Piece, along with some top notch local support acts in Kid Presentable and Burn In Hell. Here's how the night went down.

Kicking things off was Canberra based hardcore outfit Kid Presentable, with snarling riffs they came out of the gates like a raging bull. Punters were still making their way into the doors as the room began to fill, these young guys gave it their all and definitely won over the crowd. This band showed passion and ferocity, with a powerful performance that pumped everyone up and set the mood for the remainder of the evening.

Next up was Burn In Hell, hailing from Wollongong and Sydney this band were one of the highlights for me personally. With a metal influenced hardcore sound that came across just heavy as hell, they tore Dicey's apart with their brand of aggression. It's very clear to me that Burn In Hell are on the brink of stepping up to next level status and here tonight was evidence that they are ones to watch for the future. I even picked up one of their shirts straight after their set, so the won me over. Strong message, super tight set, and blisteringly heavy. What more do you want?

The band room was getting packed now and everyone was hyped up to see Philadelphia hardcore heavyweights Jesus Piece tear it up. Known for their raucous and ferocious live shows and still riding the wave from their 2018 album 'Only Self', this did not disappoint at all. Front man Aaron Heard had real and commanding and energetic stage presence that was straight up infectious. If you haven’t taken notice of this band then you've been missing out big time. With tracks such as “Lucid” and “Curse of the Serpent” setting the crowd on fire, chunky death metal bursts set to bouncy hardcore tempos, the set was over before you even knew it. So much fun!

Now it's time for your main event! Oldham County's best hardcore export, Knocked Loose. They opened with “Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory” and “All My Friends”, sending the pit into a violent frenzy of spin-kicking hardcore dancers and stage-diving maniacs. Guitarist Isaac Hale only incited the rowdiness, jumping on the mic before breakdowns to shout “F**k this place up!” or “Go!” in a guttural voice. Singer Bryan Garris was a positive presence between songs, dedicating numbers to the LGBTQ+ community and “all the independent women in the audience.” Enjoy seeing Knocked Loose in such a small and intimate environment while you can, because it won't be long before they'll be playing bigger stages in front of bigger audiences. They've definitely earnt their place in hardcore as their fanbase continues to grow and their songs get tighter, heavier, and faster.

Overall it was a fun evening with some extremely talented bands giving people their moneys worth. There were a couple of couple that got kicked out for being a bit too rowdy, but it didn't ruin the night at all. The local suppport acts delivered and the main acts (Jesus Piece & Knocked Loose) brought a very positive energy despite the pure aggression in their music. Well done to the organisers for putting this all together and what a way to kick off 2020!

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