Interview: Bryant Best of Saviour

Words/Interview by Tay Lack

It's been a long time coming, but Perth heavyweights SAVIOUR back with their 4th studio album ‘A Lunar Rose’. I had the opportunity to speak with Bryant Best, one of the main vocalists in the band - about the upcoming release, his creative direction and where the band could be going next.

Following the release of your single enemies, we got a taste of what's to come for the upcoming record - how long has this record been in production for? How long would you say you've been working on it?

We probably started working on this straight after our last album in 2017, so we probably went into some hard writing in about mid 2017 with this one. The release of never sleep – which is a single we released about a year and a half ago now - was actually meant to be apart of a past album, but a lot ended up going wrong after that. A lot of things out of our control. I’d say things were almost done around 2018 – we hit every hurdle on the way but we’re here now releasing it in early 2020.

The record entirely consists of about 10 tracks, with the vibe mind, what direction were you hoping to take with this? Would you say it's the start of a new era for Saviour?

Yeah, it’s the start of a new era, but its also not forgetting about the old eras for us. We wanted to get back to something really heavy keeping it really heartfelt and keeping it melodic also – a lot of the signature Saviour things – we wanted to re-establish a heavy base. We’re pretty stoked with this record, it hits the nail on the head with heavy but doesn’t really take away from the other elements that Saviour possesses.

Violet probably has to be one of my favourite tracks on the record, can you drive a little bit deeper on the meaning behind this one?

Yeah this track was actually one of the first written, we probably wrote that by about late 2017. The whole record has some super dark themes – sort of does really touch on topics like depression and loss and just trying to find your way through some of that inner darkness. Its real close to me and real personal to me, even though its hidden behind lots of metaphors. It makes clear sense to me and I’m super proud of that piece of work that is Violet.

This is perfect timing because you literally just announced a stacked tour with Diamond Construct, BLKLST and Bloom how does it feel to be able to showcase the record being such a big headlining act?

I’m very excited about that tour hey! It’s the first tour in a while were it feels like we have some solid momentum behind us. I’m a real big fan of DC’s latest record so I was very stoked when they were happy to get on board. Bloom, we do follow those guys they put out some cool songs. And BLKLST are close friends of our so we’re stoked to bring them out on tour.

With that all being said,is there anything else you'd like to add?

I just wanted to say sorry to the fans that have been following us, this has been a real trying time and we finally got there after a few years – this was meant to come out ages ago and its super frustrating and depressing for us all. But we’re super stoked to be able to finally share this with you all and show what the last few years of our life have been like.

'A Lunar Rose' is set to drop on February 28th on all streaming platforms. Pre-order bundles are available via Artist First.

Listen to their latest single "Violet" here:

Saviour will be hitting the road for a national headline tour with support from their mates in Diamond Construct, BLKLST & Bloom for a stacked line up from start to finish.

Tickets available here:

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