Interview: Dan Beehler of Exciter

Words/Interview by Sarah Savage

If you love heavy 80s metal and are hard-up finding concerts that still take you back to the good old days of thrash, get ready because Exciter are here to save the day and they are (for the first time ever) coming to rock Australia’s socks off! Today I had the awesome opportunity to chew the fat with the backbone of the band, vocalist and drummer, Dan Beehler about the upcoming tour.

After years of wanting to hit the stage in Oz, Exciter are pumped to finally be thrashing down under this June, along side British metal legends Venom Inc and they promise it is going to be explosive. Dan explained that while they’ve always wanted to storm our stages, they needed to make sure that the organization was right for the tour to run smoothly so that they could provide the ‘perfect package' and the band can best meet the expectations of the fans. This ideal opportunity has now presented itself with Exciter banding together with UK metalheads 'Venom Inc' for a set of shows all over this great southern land and the man himself describes it as “such a perfect old school package with two great bands sending you back in time”, assuring us it is going to get crazy.

I grilled Dan about what the boys are looking forward to most while visiting Australia and he declared that although there are many things that they are thrilled about experiencing in this country (especially having never been before) but “for me, meeting the fans is number one and it’s all about the shows". He continues to mention that there has always been enthusiastic Exciter fans in Australia and they aim to satisfy every last one, saying he “wants them to see Exciter/Venom Inc and go home talking about it for weeks, that’s what it’s about for us and every show is important”.

Now, It goes without saying that we will be blasted with the bands many classics but I was eager to know which songs are these metal maniacs favorites to perform live and Dan replied “I like doing them all but some are not as easy as others being a vocalist and a drummer", before thoughtfully naming ‘victims of sacrifice’ and ‘breakdown the walls'. He tells me “there is just something about the dynamic of the band on stage with those songs” and expressed that there is just something about the way he sings and drums those songs “that everything just locks in".

I’ve heard tell from many concert-goers over the years that these guys still kick it as hard as ever and Dan light-heartedly tells me “I’m fifty-seven now but I still feel twenty years old when I get up there, it keeps us young". The lively Exciter boys are keeping busy with the Australian tour and another 50+ shows scheduled this year, they are also currently working on a new album which is predicted to reach completion toward the end of 2020, so there’s plenty for classic heavy metal fans worldwide to look forward to.

I asked Dan what advice he’d give to aspiring musicians that are trying to achieve their goal and sincerely he responded “stay with your dream and keep fighting and practice practice practice”. The then added “and don’t just take your favorite band and try to be like them because there is already one of them", emphasizing the importance of instead utilizing those influences to create something different and unique, “something that makes the people and record companies jump out of their seats". The vocalist/drummer then sends us off with a final farewell and a shout out to all the Exciter fans here, saying “thanks to all or Aussie fans for standing with Exciter and we can’t wait to meet you, so come on out and pound some metal with us and we’ll all go back in a time machine to 1983!”.

So who’s excited for Exciter?! I know that I am fired up to catch them live in Brisbane on the 12th of June but you too can catch shows in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide which I highly recommend you do. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Dan, many thanks and we wish the band all the best with the upcoming tour. See you there!

It is with much anticipation, that we finally welcome Exciter to Aussie shores!

Don’t miss your chance to witness this epic double bill live in June, 2020!

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