Interview: Daniel Richards of Alt.

Interview/Words by Ash Wallace

Adelaide alt rock band, aptly named Alt. have just released their new single Chasing Safety via Dreambound Music following their debut single Insubordinate. Formerly After Change, Alt. have re-branded, rejuvenated birthed a new sound.

Hard-hitting and addictive sophomore track Chasing Safety was produced by Callan Orr (Dream On Dreamer) ((rip)) and written with the help of Chris Lalic (Windwaker) and Zach Britt (Young Lions). Its wanders through the difficult situation of watching someone go through a toxic and abusive relationship and presenting the desire to keep them safe. They will be embarking on a three-date tour in April/May alongside To Octavia and Inertia and have an EP, ‘Dysfunctional’ due to be dropping sometime in the coming months. These guys are definitely ones to keep your eyes on and we had the pleasure of speaking to vocalist Daniel Richards about the new track, upcoming tour and their musical influences.

Congrats on the release of Chasing Safety, can you tell us a little about the track and the inspiration behind it?

I had someone who’s very dear to me suffering from being in an abusive relationship and I reached out to her and told her I was there if she ever needed anything and I could tell she felt extremely unsafe in that situation and she took me up on the offer and helped her get outta that situation. So, the song is pretty much saying if you ever feel unsafe, you’re not alone, people care about you and gonna want you to feel safe and want to help you out of a situation that is completely unfair and should not happen to anyone.

After such success from previous single Insubordinate, how has the reception been for Chasing Safety?

Crazy. We haven’t had anything come back with so much feedback as that track has so Insubordinate did surprise us. Being our first song we didn’t expect anything and Chasing Safety has definitely surpassed that in a way that we’re getting so much more interaction on that song and it seems to really be fitting for people more and I don’t really have words for it. You don’t really expect anyone to listen to your stuff as a new band so it’s really cool, we’re loving it.

Do you find it’s been more helpful having those singles released via Dreambound, having been able to reach that larger audience?

Yeah definitely, we’ve always tried to get on Dreambound in previous bands and never had any luck of them wanting to put anything up. But this time around, new band, new sound, we thought we’d reach out again and straight away they were keen to put it up. Also, the organic reach has been a lot better through the fact that people seem to really connect with the songs and are really enjoying them so that’s helping as well, you can’t go past Dreambound, they’ve got a big platform for sure.

What inspired the initial rebranding of the band?

Our bass player left as what was After Change and I then became the only original member of After Change, none of us were there when the name was even picked and we were writing new material and it was sounding like what people are hearing now as Alt and we just didn’t feel like we were the same band anymore, we felt pigeonholed as what we were before and we couldn’t really branch off into areas we wanted to, we’d grown old and sick and tired of what we were doing before so we just thought if we change our name, we can start fresh with a clean slate, we can do whatever we want sonically and creatively. So, that’s what birthed us into what we are now.

What’s the biggest difference between After Change and Alt?

Depends who you ask, for me it’s a lot more simplistic which I like. It created a lot more room for vocals, a lot more room for melody. A lot of people straight of the bat will just say its heavier, it is heavier than what we were before but it’s also pop-ier. It has a lot more room to breathe, things are in there for a reason, it’s not all just instruments cluttered together just to make sure that everyone’s heard.

You guys recently played with Diamond Construct and Void Of Vision and now you’ve got a tour coming up with Inertia and To Octavia which must be pretty exciting, what are you most looking forward to on the tour?

Getting out there and playing everything we have to offer and show people. The Adelaide show is going to be an EP launch so it’s gonna be cool to show everyone what we’ve been working on as a whole and getting to see people’s reactions to these things in person. It’s gonna be really cool obviously playing for new people and to play Melbourne and Sydney which we haven’t done yet as Alt and playing with some really cool dudes in To Octavia and Inertia. We’ve toured with a couple of guys in Inertia in previous bands before so it will be good to see them again and make new connections with people. Tours exciting, we just can’t wait to get back out there again.

Who do you guys look up to or get your inspirations from?

We all actually have quite different music tastes but myself personally, I grew up on Michael Jackson and Linkin Park, they were my first two loves in music and sort of what drove me to do music. Currently, I can’t look past Bring Me The Horizon with what they’ve been able to do, arguably one of the biggest bands in the scene at the moment, being able to go from strength to strength and sound to sound and I truly believe they are incredible. Along with other people like Panic! At The Disco and 21 Pilots who are very gifted songwriters, even to people like Post Malone and Troye Sivan in the pop areas where I feel like they’re very simplistic and they get their message across in a very simple manner which is what I’ve tried to persuade and push in these new songs, so for me it’s those but other people in the band would definitely have different influences but that’s mine for sure.

Going forward what is the direction Alt is going, do you have any goals you wanna achieve in the coming year?

Yeah, we’ve got more music, get that into more ears and get more people to listen to our songs and more shows. We want to play as much as we can around the country, as well as write more music too, we don’t want to stay stagnant, we want to keep pushing and trying to grow ourselves. That’s it, to just continue growing and pushing, hopefully more people hear us and keep making more music.

Before we let you go, do you want to add anything else?

Thank you, thank you to everyone who’s listened so far, I hope everyone likes what they’ve heard and I hope people continue to like what we’ve got coming and just very appreciative of everyone’s time and being able to actually give us a chance listening to us. So, thank you!

Chasing Safety is out now via Dreambound music here and tickets for their tour are available here: Melbourne , Adelaide and Sydney

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