Interview: Matt Stevens (Guitarist) of THE GLOOM IN THE CORNER

Words/Interview by Ash Wallace

Having just released their latest single 'Violence', The Gloom In The Corner have revealed it will be 1 out of 3 standalone singles, with an upcoming album in the works. The band have also signed with Collision Course, the first signing of the new label.

This concept based metalcore band equipped with a solid storyline and lore connecting their music together. Themes of the supernatural, religion and human condition make for their intricate and compelling musical narrative. Materialising itself into something comparable to that of a TV show or video game, using music as its main vessel. Weaving sounds of chaotic nature with tight production and huge breakdowns, the Melbourne four-piece have so much more to offer, leaning on an already strong backbone. Guitarist Matt Stevens kindly lent some time to talk about the new music and more!

First of all, how are you and the band coping right now, what are you doing to keep busy?

Well, we were thinking like what can we do? I realised it’s probably best to figure out some way to work on an album that we were going to put out. So, we came up with this idea—Mikey our main songwriter and vocalist, we kind of thought if he made a grid or board of what all the songs should be about and the mood they should have, then put up all the demos he’s got and we pull all our demos together and try to form a cohesive story and concept and where they should sit.

Your new track Violence has been out for a few weeks, having released it during the pandemic must’ve been a bit tough, how are you feeling about its release and did you change your approach at all?

Not really actually! We did everything exactly how we wanted to do except we pushed it back a week. The only thing that changed was that we were meant to be playing Download Festival a week before the single came out and we were shattered that we couldn’t because My Chemical Romance was headlining and they’re a childhood fan favourite for me and Mikey. And we were meant to do a headline tour as well which would have been cool, we had some decently small venues which would’ve been really nice to pack out and have everyone throwing down to the tracks.

Surly you guys will be planning to pick up a tour again once this is all over?

Hopefully, 100%! We’ve got three singles in the bag for the year so if we can’t tour for this one, we’ll tour for the next.

Seems like that’s the mindset of every band and right now, there’s going to be a lot of clashes and empty bank accounts!

Yeah, I honestly feel really bad for the bands who were on the touring cycle. The people who were going overseas, for example Alpha Wolf, who literally just went overseas and had to come straight back, the cost for the visas and the travel and getting all their gear over, that would have been ridiculous to have to come straight back and how much they would’ve sunk into that. So, we were pretty fortunate in that regard!

Going back to the track Violence, what is the track about and how does it connect back to the whole storyline/lore you’ve got going on with connecting all of your music together?

Yeah, briefly we’re a concept band and its set in a supernatural world with lots of demons and that sort of stuff and Violence is about the ‘glooms’, and a gloom is a supernatural entity that lives inside a person and when it takes over, they do bad shit, it’s kind of like Jekyll and Hyde. What Violence really is, is an anthem for the glooms. It’s about chaos and being really angry and unrelenting.

As you mentioned before, there’s two more singles yet to be released, what can we expect from those two, are they going to be heavier, softer, a bit different?

Yeah, I’d say Warfare is an even heavier version of Violence, it’s a bit longer, it’s got a chorus, it has its heavy bits, it’s got its light bits, and it’s the one I’m most excited for I think. Then the final single, it’s kind of bittersweet now, but it’s kind of metalcore My Chemical Romance. That last one is definitely going to be a curveball for fans, there’s a lot of strings and piano and orchestral elements and really big chorus’.

We should also mention Gloom was recently the first band to sign with Collision Course which is super exciting, how did that come about?

Tim Price, absolute legend behind Collision Course, we’ve talked to him for a while and I’ve known for a while about his creative process, he’s the dude who would fit best with us in terms of PR. He likes the kind of thing we do in his personal life as well, he loves watching stuff in a similar vein of the story that we have and so I always wanted to work with him. After a bit of chatting about him wanting to start a label excreta it just made sense to us and we thought it was perfect. He gave a deal to us and it looked great so we were like ‘yeah let’s do it, fuck yeah!’

Like we know Download was canned, but you did get to play UNIFY earlier this year, how was that experience for you guys?

UNIFY, I think all the guys can say this, was something else. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had as a band. I think it’s a pretty unique experience just because I don’t know if we’re ever going to have something like this again. We got up on stage and there were technical difficulties for 25 minutes. This was the biggest show we’ve played and to get up on stage in front of 500 or so people and just to stand there for 25 minutes…that was kind of funny. At first, we like ‘holy shit, that’s a lot of people’ and we were nervous but after 25 minutes of standing there, we thought ‘we can do this, this is fine, as soon as things start to work, we’re just ready to go for it.’ While all that stuff was happening, the crowd were going for it, they were moshing and punching each other with no music and we were like OK this is like a breeding ground for the biggest mosh that we’ve ever had and that’s exactly what happened. When we launched into the music the pit opened up and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was phenomenal, awesome, really amazing.

What’s next for you guys?

Hoping to tour with one of these singles around Australia, we were hoping for more than one this year but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case, so next year or the end of this year we’ll be doing headline tours and we are hoping to go overseas at some point but I think Australia is the one we’ve got our sights on at the moment. We’ve got an album, as mentioned before, that we’re writing and hopefully that is all finished and comes out next year at some point!

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The Gloom in The Corner's new single 'Violence' is available now on all digital stores and streaming platforms through Collision Course. Watch the visualiser below:

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