Interview: Twiggy of Ocean Grove

Words/Interview by Tay Lack

Melbourne heavy music oddballs Ocean Grove are back with another record to bless the scene, I had the opportunity to talk to bassist and backing vocalist Twiggy about the album itself, some creative direction behind the tracks and some of his greatest inspirations.

First things first, how long was Flip Phone Fantasy in production?

All up we spent about 6 or 8 months on the album, a couple of months here and there going back with the label and management and stuff – so around 8 months or so. We wanted to clean the slate and go in with a fresh head.

What made you come up with the artwork and idea for the album cover and name? What were your inspirations?

The name, believe it or not, just touches on nostalgia – like a timestamp in our lives, being in our 20’s it was just kind of a futuristic idea of what could be. The name itself though, we were just bouncing around ideas and thought of the idea for Flip Phone Fantasy. We all had flip phones and we were blown away by that concept of having the world in your pocket and how convenient it is to find anything you need to know with a phone these days. With the artwork – he had another idea in mind. The original idea for the artwork I actually scrapped a day before we went forward. The boys were like “what are you doing!” I said trust me I’ve got another idea in mind.

Do you see yourself and the band keeping the same kind of style in other productions to come?

It's hard to say, during the album we were all kind of just letting it flow it felt really natural. In saying that we were super critical with everything we came up with. Everything on the album is what we wanted to create and what we wanted to represent going forward. We wanted to create something that people from all walks of life would enjoy, I think the overall were not 100% sure but we’re happy with what we have put out at the moment.

Personally, what is your favourite song on the album?

That is extremely hard to say, mine would have to be (that’s a hard one haha) I’ve got this love hate relationship with it. Off the top of my head though it would have to be “Guys from the Gord.”

And last one - what is your favourite song of all time to play live?

Definitely “Sunny” live. That’s definitely been a feel-good song. It's universally understood. It’s the most jumpy song so it’s definitely the most fun.

'Flip Phone Fantasy' is now out via UNFD on all streaming platforms. Signings are now happening all over Australia and there’s big anticipation for these new singles. Check out my album review on 'Flip Phone Fantasy' also live on Insert Review Here. read it here:


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