JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED Release Hard-Hitting Banger Title Track 'Pain Is Power'

Today, Sydney hardcore heavy-hitters Justice For The Damned share the third single from sophomore album Pain Is Power which will now be available June 12th via Greyscale Records with pre-orders available HERE.

Check out the video for "Pain Is Power" below:

The concept behind Justice For The Damned's upcoming album Pain Is Power was penned long before the world found itself in the middle of a cataclysmic pandemic, and the music industry slowed to a crawl; and like all strong pieces of art, the lyrical content has become more relevant as the days move forward. Guitarist Nick Adams shares his thoughts on the lyrical culmination of the album, summed up in the title track that was released today. "This album was written from the point of view of surviving pain rather than being a victim of it. Taking what was causing you to hurt and using it to push you into a better place. While it hurts that we can't tour and the album had to be pushed back, it's given us the drive to create more content, to interact with fans more, and to plan the future return to the stages." 

The band has worked hard to stay active during this unprecedented down time, as Adams explains "There's been some surfing, gardening & video games happening whilst we've been at home. Bobak (Justice For The Damned's vocalist) has been hard at work making new merchandise for the band, and we have been working on making it more accessible than ever no matter where in the world you are." However for the whole band, their eyes are still on where they feel most at home; on the stage. "Learning to play the album is also a big item on the to do list which will help keep us busy until we're all clear to be back at it playing shows. This will be over before we know it, and we'll see everyone very soon.

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