PESTILENCE Reveals Details of New Album 'Exitivm'

The legendary progressive death metal band, Pestilence, will release its ninth installment titled "Exitivm" on June 25th worldwide via Agonia Records. An official website has been launched for "Exitivm", providing access to all relevant information surrounding the new album, at:

With the exception of the drums - tracked down by van der Plicht himself at his home studio - the album was recorded over a period of two months in between June and August 2020 at Pitchnote Productions. The album has been produced, like all Pestilence albums, by Mameli and is co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jory Hogeveen (Shinigami and Ancient Rites).


1. In Omnibvs (Intro)

2. Morbvs Propagationem

3. Deificvs

4. Sempiternvs

5. Internicionem

6. Mortifervm

7. Dominatvi Svbmissa

8. Pericvlvm Externvm

9. Inficiat

10. Exitivm

11. Immortvos

12. Personatvs Mortem (Outro)

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