REVIEW: Northlane - Live At The Roundhouse

Northlane will host a two night only streaming event of Live At The Roundhouse, featuring their celebrated performance captured at Sydney’s iconic venue, The Roundhouse, on October 11, 2019. Taking place on August 21 & 22, Live At The Roundhouse will be available as a pay-per-view event via Netgigs, with the band chatting live throughout both screenings. Without further ado, here's our review written by Suze Blacketer.

Mark the 21st and 22nd of August in your diaries. Northlane’s ‘Live at the Roundhouse’ will be premiered online via 8 pay per view streams. I was extremely privileged to be able to have a sneak peak at this live performance earlier this week.

Northlane, it seems can do no wrong and this sold out show, the first on their 'Alien World Tour', only adds to further validate that.

An empty stage, and the tell-tale intro to ‘Talking Heads’ and you can physically feel the electrified vibe coming off the crowd through the screen. The band walk on in darkness, amid cheers from their fans, with Marcus being the last member to grace the stage. He steps up to the microphone.

“How are you doing Sydney? We are Northlane. Are you ready?”

By this point I am so ready! Goosebumps cover my body and I’m not sure if it’s because its been so long between gigs but I’m already tearing up (I’m an emotional gig goer!!)

From the outset Northlane has the crowd exactly where they want them. Focused, frenzied, and ready to celebrate all that Northlane are.

On stage Northlane are nearly as frenetic as the crowd in their performance. One stand out moment during 'Talking Heads', the cameras pan out to an illuminated crowd where every face is totally focused on Marcus, as the camera moves back to the stage he stands with his head back and arm raised waiting to emotionally deliver the next line.

A "Fuck Yes" at the end of the song leaves you knowing this is the beginning of something special.

With a sea of arms stretched to the sky, Intuition kicks off the Northlane choir as the crowd sing in unison with the band. From the front through to the back of the room a wave of moving bodies make for a spectacular sight. Marcus calls for a circle pit half way through the song and the crowd oblige without hesitation.

Northlane take the tempo up a few notches with 'Details Matter'. A powerful song delivered with such high energy. Nic’s relentless drumming on this track is spellbinding to watch. The emotional delivery of the line ‘I’m still here’ brought a lump to my throat. Northlane’s vocals are on another level tonight.

The intense, hard hitting pace of 'Jinn' starts and Northlane have not slowed their intensity. Combined with the harmonious sounds of Marcus’s voice in the chorus you can physically feel that the energy Northlane is sending out to the crowd is returned. It’s mesmerizing watching every person in that space feeding off each other and raising the vibration in the room.

Slowing the pace ever so slightly and briefly Northlane delivered a crowd favourite in 'Rot'. Again the sea of sweating bodies push and swirl against each other during the chorus, relieved for breathing space during the verses. The lyrics ‘We are all connected’ hits home, music is one of the few things keeping people connected during this strange time.

The recognizable intro to 'Citizen' starts amid strobing lights. One of my favourite Northlane songs the whole no gig thing hits home and there are tears. I’ve been to many Northlane gigs but to be able to sit back and take it all in, seeing all the small moments that you miss being in the crowd is truly magical. Once again Marcus instructs the crowd to ‘open it up’ and the crowd comply. Finishing the line ‘Blow the whistle from a burning stake’ the crowd come together in a sea of flailing arms and legs which is a sight to behold.

By the time we hit '4D' the sweating bodies show no sign of letting up the pace and neither do Northlane. 'Freefall' slows the pace down but only ever so briefly. All eyes are on Marcus as he delivers an emotion filled performance. Lyrically this song breaks my heart every time I hear it. I sit back in awe of a fellow human who is able to bear his soul as much as Marcus has through his music. Freefall' ends and the crowd seem to be taken aback from the rawness of what they have just witnessed.

A darkened stage, the silhouette of Josh amongst a haze, the familiar intro into 'Obelisk' and a request for the crowd to get off their feet. This is the gig that just keeps giving. Judging from the crowd on the barrier we are in agreeance. Encouraging the Northlane choir to get behind him again the crowd lent their voices. A quick glimpse back to the barrier and I can guarantee there will be some sore necks after this. The silhouetted crowd, with arms raised swaying to the slower section of the song invokes a moment of reflecting once again how much I miss gigs. This is only exacerbated as the roar of ‘Combust’ travels across the room paired with the amazing light display and the sight of every person off the floor.

The lighting on this show is amazing, something else I think you don’t always appreciate in the moment at a gig. Fast paced, 'Vultures' has so much happening visual wise I watched it numerous times. From the orchestration of the lights, to the multiple camera angles highlighting exactly why Jon, Josh, Nic and Brendon are some of the best musicians around.

Once again the stage lights drop as the first lines of 'Eclipse' are growled. Suddenly the stage lights up and confetti rains down on the sea of moving bodies. No longer able to sit in my seat I’m up dancing around my house at 5am thankful that I have Bluetooth headphones and don’t need to wake the neighbourhood!

'Bloodline'….. this is one of those magical gig moments. Another powerful song, which once again leaves me in awe of Marcus as a songwriter, has my eyes filled with tears from the first note. Northlane took this up to a whole new level. Listening to the fans sing this alongside the band gave me chills, it was a solidarity moment where the fans gave back by supporting him through the journey of this song.

With chants of ‘Northlane’ from the crowd the band spent a quiet moment to the side of the stage. Marcus is dressed in a glorious gold hooded jacket. As they move on to the stage you get the feeling that this is going to be another special moment. To the cheers of the crowd Marcus is lit up by a single light and so Sleepless begins. ‘I know you’re alive but in my heart I’ve said goodbye’ I think in this moment if the band stopped playing you could hear a pin drop and although the other members of the band are on stage all eyes are focused on him. At one point Marcus wipes his face, whether it’s the sweat or he is overcome with emotion is a mystery. An emotional Marcus thanks the hometown crowd.

'Quantum Flux' finishes off what has been an amazing show. “Feeling all the love that is in the air’ definitely sums up the mood. Northlane never fail to deliver in their live shows but this show has a magical component to it that I’m not sure will ever be recreated.

An amazing hour celebrating 10 years of Northlane, I don’t think the boys could have had a better start to their Alien world tour.

Massive props to all the behind the scenes people that have contributed to make this incredible concert what it is.

Filmed at the UNSW Roundhouse, Sydney on October 11, 2019

Produced by Neal Walters

Audio captured by Jonathan Burgan

Audio mixed and mastered by Chris Blancato

Lighting design by Luke Thiel

Even if you’re not a fan of Northlane this is one show that you shouldn’t miss. Tickets are available at the link below

Tickets on sale now at

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