Show Us Ya Tees: Jawd James of DISENTOMB

When I was first asked to write about my favourite band merchandise I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d be able to say other than "Hi OK me Jordan, me wear Morbid Angel and Disgorge and Brodequin OK thank for listen."

But after digging through the last several years of photos I’ve been tagged in and wading through the photographic evidence of my various shit hair cuts, I was able to find a few photos where I’m not sweaty and leering at the camera doing the metal horns, oh and wearing the few band shirts I consider to be my favourites.

“Can I please speak to your Morbid Angel?” – Jordan’s blonde fringe, circa 2016

Formulas Fatal To The Flesh by Morbid Angel has no doubt had the biggest impact on my life out of any album. It was the first Death Metal album I ever owned, a gift from my oldest brother for my 12th birthday. Eighteen years later and that end riff in "Nothing Is Not" still takes me back to the time I first listened to it on a PS2 before playing GTA3 for the first time and smashing 1L of Pepsi on my birthday. The album art shirt was actually a gift from my amazing mate Aaron and for so long it was my go to. The late 90s artwork is flamboyantly wicked and it’s one album that has truly stood the test of time for heaviness, songwriting and production. The shirt however has not weathered the sands of time and is now relocated to the odd outings to the supermarket when I’m in the mood to panic buy.

"Wearing a Brodequin shirt in a band promo in 2010 was, and probably still is, the equivalent of wearing Balenciaga."

If you were there for the glory days of the late 2000s Brutal Death Metal scene* you would remember how increasingly rare it was to buy a Brodequin shirt for under $70.

As NASDAQ stocks plummeted to then-record lows in late 2008 during the Global Financial Crisis, Brodequin split up about the same time and their shares went through the fucking roof. When the 2010s dawned, I think everyone realised that Brutal Death Metal would never be as good as 2000-2009 so we all just panic bought Brodequin merchandise which meant we all paid a lot of money for shirts that rarely fit us properly. Official places to get Brodequin merch shut down and if you wanted a piece of that B’quin regalia you had to be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it, or at least have like a certified A Prelate’s Attrition shirt ready for swapsies. There’s a reason this Brutal Death Metal three-piece from Tennessee became an icon of an extremely obscure genre and remain untouched in terms of sheer, relentless brutality. No, as in whatever you think is brutal, it’s simply not as brutal as the intensely nauseating wall of piercing insanity that is their album Festival of Death. No, really. It is not. Hey, c’mon – trust me - just let this one go.

The Festival of Death album cover long-sleeve I’m wearing in the picture above would have cost me something ridiculous back in the day like $150  or $188.94 in 2020 taking inflation into account.

"And sometimes you would place an order with a label and it just wouldn’t turn up because that was all part of the fun in the late 2000s! :D"

Just as in 2008 with the GFC, the BMC (Brodequin Merchandise Crisis) hit in 2015 when the band reformed and in the subsequent years they began reprinting their classic merchandise in sizes other than XXXL and selling it for prices that didn’t require me to go days without food. This sent the BBM (Brodequin Black Market) into a tailspin and prices fell sharply before stabilising, now you can grab merch or

Don’t forget to use the promo code JORD69 for 0% off!

*By there, I mean posting on the old Devourment forum about how fucking siiiiiiiick the new Defeated Sanity album will be with AJ Magana on vocals

"In this manner I was so stokedduh… to meet Matti Way of Disgorge, Liturgy, Cinerary, Infantiphagia, Pathology and Abominable Putridity."

There were two reasons I wanted to share this image. Firstly, I wanted to recount the time I met the guy who essentially created Brutal Death guttural spewage-style vocals in the same year I cried to my mum because I didn’t want to wear socks to school. A lot of people incorrectly believe the United Nations declared 1996 as the International Year For The Eradication of Poverty, but in truth it was actually The International Year of Drain Pipe Vocals in honour of Matti Way and his work on Disgorge’s debut album Cranial Impalement. Just with the various bands he has recorded vocals for, he also has multiple titles - the first of those to unleash next level vocal sickness, the unmatched, king of guttural spewage, deliverer of revelations and igniter of dawns of ash. Matti is the Brutal Death version of Khaleesi and we’re just all his Ser Jorahs – does that give you a better idea of how much of a legend this dude is?  

Secondly, just when Disgorge was winding down with their last album in 2005, Defeated Sanity was picking up the torch and hitting their stride with Psalms of The Moribund in 2007, a frenetic, suffocating and complex take on Brutal Death Metal blended with jazz and performed with pure class. I’ve been a fan since I first heard DS in 2008 and their 2010 album Chapters of Repugnance remains the pinnacle of modern Brutal Death Metal.

I’ve got quite a few Defeated Sanity shirts in my collection, but these days I opt for a simple logo instead of walking around with graphic images of horrific shit going on printed on my shirt.

"OSDMD (Old School Death Metal Dad, it’s like Blood Incantation meets Look Who’s Talking Now)"

My Morbid Angel Covenant symbol crewneck with the sleeve prints is my most worn piece of merchandise and has gone through several stages of life. First it became my daily jumper for a solid two years of touring, and while at home it was also my kind-of-all-right-to-wear-while-still-going-out-with-super-normies-and-still-blend-in attire, then it came with me to the gym for months on end to be worn until I felt like I was having a heart attack and then used as a towel. And then repeat that process for a year and you get the idea of how it looked towards the end.

"Me looking at my Morbid Angel crewneck hanging in the cupboard."

Just as our solar system’s star will shine bright for 10 billion years, eventually it will burn through its fuel supply, it will gradually dim, the core will be vanquished of its once abundant energy and in one final burst of glory it will supernova in a magnificent explosion. Well, my super sick Morbid Angel crewneck with the sigil and logo sleeve prints got a hole in the arm pit and it became socially irresponsible to continue wearing it anywhere other than to bed. You know a band is truly special when they release a totally shit album but you’re still super happy to wear their merch - from the good albums - so much that it actually ends ups being tattered cloth.

"Tattered cloth that’s good enough for Kim Kardashian and that guy at the Power Trip gig who drunkenly, and repeatedly, complimented me for wearing it."

Just as a star is born from gravity pulling dust and gas into a swirling vortex and imploding under itself into thicker and thicker clouds generating intense amounts of super-dense energy and heat…

I bought a second crewneck from the Earache webstore. Make sure you use my promo code - HAHATHANKSMAN!

If you’re still reading at this point I’m going to assume you have been in isolation for so long that you have consumed all of the other internet already and this is the final article.

For the past three years I have practically worn the same shirt on stage, the Disgorge logo shirt with the Consume The Forsaken text backprint released by Brutal Mind Merch.

One of the most beautiful gifts handed down from above to me and so many other ping snare fanatics aside from the Liege of Inveracity riff is the south-east Asian country of Indonesia. I wish I could leave that sentence there hanging forever without context in the hopes someday someone who knows nothing about Brutal Death would just be like, what the fuck is this man on about? Indonesia, a nation once mocked for producing hilariously bizarre bootlegs in the 2000s eventually transformed into a thriving hub for merch distribution of bands, and invitations to come play, in the worldwide Brutal Death scene from the early-to-mid-2010s. Some of the best places to grab merch from a lot bands in the underground BDM scene these days is from licensed distros operating out of Indonesia and one of them is Brutal Mind Merch* In 2017, for whatever reason, Brutal Mind Merch released Disgorge’s 2002 Consume The Forsaken artwork in a rebooted version on shirts and longsleeves which I bought all of them.

*Head to and use my promo code - 69MANTAP69

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