Single Review: DEFICIT - No Love, All Hate

Artist: Deficit

Title: No Love, All Hate

Genre: Hardcore

Review by Taylor Lack

Deficit is a brand-new hardcore project based in Sydney, Australia – made of previous and current members of Resist the Thought, A Night in Texas and Our Anchored Hearts. The heavy outfit recently dropped their debut single “No Love, All Hate” which is a well-fitting anthem for anyone made to feel like they don’t fit the standard social demographic.

There is no insult at all to any of the band members previous work, but I’m entirely kosher when I say that out of all band members' past work, this is their best. You can tell that months of effort and passion was put into this project to make it something more than just new music for the sake of it. The effort alone executed in songwriting and visuals to the strategy behind the release was very well done and I have to commend the group on a super successful release. Lyrics are relatable, riffs are catchy, the energy is high – it does tick all the boxes for a successful launch and only makes you wonder what else this band is capable of.

Deficit really sets the standard for pushing the stereotype of current hardcore. You hear sounds from certain other hardcore bands and tend to notice a trend – a flavour of the month if you will. Deficit, however, pushes that bar just a little bit higher creating something that’s not only insanely heavy, but has an even ratio of uniqueness and enjoyment. I’ve already said it about the members' past bands but I'll say it again; from vocals to drums to guitars, these guys are veterans and know their shit. I honestly didn’t expect any less from Deficit.

Do I enjoy this? Hell yes! Am I excited for more? Absolutely (and you should be too). I give the single a very honest 9/10 for effort, style, heaviness and relatability. Spin it for yourself and see what you think.

Deficit’s debut single 'No Love, All Hate' Is now available for streaming through Spotify and YouTube. Don’t sleep on it.

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