The Devin Townsend Quarantine Project, New Song, GoFundMe + More

Canadian progressive rock and metal genius Devin Townsend has recently revealed the 'Quarantine Project' in order to thank the fans for their support in the recent GoFundMe campaign which has raised over its $60,000 goal in just 24 hours. This campaign aims to cover the costs of the remaining North American tour postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 'Quarantine' is the first song to emerge from this peculiar project. You can stream it here:

Devin Townsend posted the following message on his YouTube channel: "Hello all, welcome to the first instalment of my 'Quarantine Project' I want to be able to provide some relief during these coming times in the ways that I am able to. People have been supportive of me in my time of need with the GoFundMe campaign, as we lost a lot of revenue due to the current and foreseeable touring cycle, and want to make sure I can provide something that in some way begins to say 'thank you'. In the ways I'm able, I will provide as much content as I can during this period as its what I feel I can offer. My company has a lot of people involved, and your support has saved us in so many ways. I know we are all affected by this and yes, I could look for another job during this period like so many others will have to, but I figure that the best thing I can do is focus on my work and hopefully provide some sort of relief doing what I'm best at. I want to give back as much as I can over the next while, and I hope that some of the work I can manage here will provide a bit of comfort during these troubled times for those who enjoy what I do. This first song is just a melancholy sort of thing called ‘Quarantine’ to start the proceedings. The idea with this is that it may be many different styles, Twitch streams, concerts, perhaps a podcast... I have been kept afloat by the audience and wish to help in any way I can. (I am just learning how to do video and I will try to get more proficient at it as the time goes by). I will do everything I can to help in the ways that I'm able to. On behalf of myself, Northern Music, HevyDevy Records, and the entire team that makes up my professional world, Thanks for supporting (saving) our business during this downturn. We realize the number of people that are suffering and don't take this lightly. I figure the best way I can express this is to simply get to work. I will make sure I provide for the people who donated especially. I am working on lots of ideas to provide during this hard period. I truly can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you."

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