Transcending Obscurity Records Launches FREE 2020 Label Sampler

In 2005, a record label in India was established showcasing some of the most diverse and obscure bands in extreme metal. Now, with over 14 years of experience in promoting music from all over, Transcending Obscurity Records have worked with some of the best bands from all over the world.

Featuring bands from Sweden, United States, Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom and many more countries you will find some of the best undiscovered and underrated extreme metal acts out there. With a huge roster of talent, including Australian acts such as Depravity, Norse, Plasmodium, Promethean Misery, The Slow Death, Incendium Moon and Wardaemonic. If you've never heard of any of these bands before, now's your chance to discover a plethora of excellent metal with the Transcending Obscurity Records 52-song sampler. The label has also provided a great guide to the sample, splitting it up into different genre sections.

Tracks 1-23 - death metal/grind/crust Tracks 24-26 - technical death metal Tracks 27-31 - sludge/doom metal Tracks 32-41 - black metal Tracks 42-48 - doom/death metal Tracks 49-52 - avant-garde metal

Check it out for yourself below and support the underground:

Label Sampler:

Official Website:


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