WAKE THE BLIND Announce EP 'Broken Casket' - Out June 12th

Melbourne nu-metalcore band, Wake The Blind, have recently dropped the feature single, ‘Patient’ ft. David De La Hoz, off their debut EP ‘Broken Casket' which is due to be released on the 12th June.

Listen to the single below:


Suicide, drugs, murder and domestic violence are the banes of existence. With this ideology close to our hearts, we decided to make ‘Broken Casket’. Whether it’s through the institutionalized dysfunction towards the mentally ill forcing them to feel alienated to society, or the people who can’t find their voices to protect themselves. We wanted the world to see life as they see it and talk about subjects that make people feel uncomfortable. These things are serious issues that affect most of us at some point in our lives. Together as a society, we can make a change but only when we actually start to talk and begin to fix these issues so that the future generations are less likely to fall prey to the possibility of death.

Pre-save your copy of the 'Broken Casket' EP >>>HERE.

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